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Campaign Watch: Georgia Runoffs

As President Trump and the bulk of his allies spout off one conspiracy theory after another to rationalize his humiliating election loss to Joe Biden, no state has received more attention than Georgia, which flipped blue in a presidential race for the first time since 1992. President Trump has accused the state’s top elected officials-Continue reading “Campaign Watch: Georgia Runoffs”

Key Sheriff and Prosecutor Elections Across the South

A lot has been said in the last week about conservative ideology prevailing in many elections, despite Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. We have examined some of those elections in the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and state legislatures. But there is one area in which progressive policy ideas have clearly triumphed thisContinue reading “Key Sheriff and Prosecutor Elections Across the South”

Key State Legislature Results Across the South

Down-ballot races, while far less buzzworthy and exciting, are in many ways more important than federal elections. That’s because state and local governments, properly inspired, can step in and make the changes that Washington is often too deadlocked to accomplish, changes that can eventually serve as the framework for federal legislation. For instance, Rahm EmmanuelContinue reading “Key State Legislature Results Across the South”

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